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OTHM Level 4 + 5 Diploma in Business Management

Level 4 & 5 ⎮ University 1st and 2nd year
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OTHM Level 4 + 5 Diploma in Business Management

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The objective of the OTHM Level 4 + 5 Diploma in Business Management qualification is to provide learners with a specialist work-related programme of study that provides a depth of knowledge and understanding of key aspects within the business sector. Learners will study level 4 and 5 units, worth 120 credits per academic year with a total credit value of 240 credits (equivalent to the first 2 years of an honours degree). All units are mandatory. The Level 4 units lay the foundations of learning by providing an introduction to contemporary Business topics. The units combine both theoretical and practical knowledge in the profession and will develop and enhance knowledge and skills in the areas of academic and research skills, business and global operations, finance and accounting, communication, leadership and team working. The Level 5 units give learners the opportunities to apply key skills and techniques in a variety of relevant occupational areas. The programme of study provides learners with an opportunity to engage with the challenges facing managers, professionals and policy makers in their own country. Learners will develop and enhance knowledge and skills in the areas of business strategy, human resources, marketing, business law, management accounting and decision making and understand the requirements for staring a new business. Successful completion of this qualification will equip learners with the specialist skills and technical terminology to develop their business and management skills and to progress to further study or employment.

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OTHM qualifications at Level 4 and 5 represent practical knowledge, skills, capabilities and competences that are assessed in academic terms as being equivalent to Higher National Diplomas (HND) and Year 2 of a three-year UK Bachelor's degree programme.

Key facts about Level 4 + Level 5 Diploma in Business Management


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Assessment is done through written assignments and/ or dissertation project.

Progression opportunities

As this qualification is approved and regulated, learners are eligible to gain direct entry into relevant Master’s degree programmes.

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Entry Requirements

Learner must possess: 01, 02, 03 and 04
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Level 3 relevant

Relevant NQF/QCF/RQF Level 3 Award/Diploma or at the level of GCE/GCSE or any equivalent qualification


2 years work experience

Work experience of 2 years or more in case you do not hold any formal qualification


Above 18 years old

Learner must be 18 years or older at the beginning of the course


English requirements

If a learner is not from a majority English-speaking country must provide evidence of English language competency. (IELTS 5.5; Reading andWriting must be at 5.5)

course contents

Qualification Structure

The OTHM Level 4 and 5 Diploma in Business Management qualification consists of 12 mandatory units, 240 credits, 2400 hours Total Qualification Time (TQT) and the recommended Guided Learning Hours (GLH) for this qualification is a minimum of 1200 hours.

To achieve the OTHM Level 4+ 5 Diploma in Business Management, learners must achieve 240 credits, of which 120 credits are at Level 4 (6 units) and 120 credits are at Level 5 (6 units).

Stage 1: Level 4 Diploma in Business Management

20 credits
Academic Writing and Research Skills
20 credits
Business Operations
20 credits
Communication in Business
20 credits
Accounting and Finance
20 credits
Leading and Managing Teams
20 credits
Operating in a Global Context
20 credits
Principals and Concepts of Strategy
20 credits
The Management of Human Resources
20 credits
Marketing for Managers
20 credits
Business Law for Managers
20 credits
Management Accounting for Decision Making
20 credits
Business Start-up; Conception to Market

Stage 2: Level 5 Diploma in Business Management

after successful study


Successful completion of the OTHM Level 5 Extended Diploma in Business Management provides learners the opportunity for a wide range of academic progressions including the OTHM Level 6 Diploma in Business Management qualification.

As this qualification is approved and regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), learners are eligible to gain direct entry into Year 3 of a three-year UK Bachelor’s degree programme.

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